A Guide Dog in Infancy

That poor little hound won a one way trip into her crate early tonight because I’m a total klutz. I dropped outta ballet when I was five… for a reason. My sister was totally disinterested in it. I have no idea whether I did, but even at that tender age, it was clear prima ballerina was not a career path I would be encouraged to follow.

So beloved set up the most awesome penned area in our great room (the dining room is now devoid of a carpet and a large area has a table, chairs, bench and a dog with all the puppy accoutrements, encased by a pen.

One leg over, hop, swing the other and you’re in or out.

Unless you’re me.


Fortunately, yes, we have arnica in stock, from when Beloved nearly got eaten by a French escalator and I had to go navigate Parisian pharmacies to try to find it… which I did, eventually. That’s some funk they put in their arnica. Eau de cammomile, lavandre, menthol et arnican… add in the puppy smells… a touch of Nature’s Miracle… and wooo, do I stink. And my knee is swelling and turning some colors.

That Nature’s Miracle is what is says. She’s still piddlin’ on the floor a couple times a day, but that’s more our fault for not paying enough attention.

She “gets busy” (the GDA term for piddling) most of the time we ask her to, but whoopsies are still too common. I know, it’s gonna be another two months before she really gets reliable, so hopefully by Christmas we’ll have her on track.

I think Granny misses doing “tea” the way she did for Abby… every afternoon, she would come and get ole Abbs for “Granny’s Doggy Day Care” and off they’d go to her house, where the dog would get tea (mostly milk) and biscuits presented to her at 3pm.

Granny with the puppy on her lap
Granny & the puppy

Well, Miss M can’t have people food, and can’t even walk outside yet as she’s not had all her vaccinations. She also isn’t allowed on the furniture (her future owner may not want her doing a bellyflop into the bed at night), so Granny’s making the most of what she can do.

It’s been a good couple of days – check out how she looks in her puppy-in-training vest:

Sitting in the passenger’s foot well – where she’s supposed to sit, if she’s not in her crate.

This is her first ride through Starbies and I think someone told her about Puppachinos and of course we didn’t order one for her (no people food for guide dogs)… hence the expression.

Anyway, the vest the smallest size they have with the straps tightened all the way, but it fits! She’s none too sure about it, but we have to get her wearing it so she’s comfortable as she gets older. And I swear she’s grown in the past five days – she’s heavier and her giant paws are bigger.

Puppy kindergarten starts Monday, so we’ll be getting more lessons beyond what we’re doing now. She’s got come and sit, and we’re working on (lie) down, let’s go and of course, get busy.

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