Family suite on the Grand Princess

So on a short weekend cruise from San Francisco to Vancouver, we did a celebration for our twenty years since adopting the kids. It was me, Beloved, Granny, our daughter Blondie, her boyfriend, and our son, the Boy. As we adopted them as children, Blondie’s now 30 and the Boy is 26. We decided that… … Continue reading Family suite on the Grand Princess

“I’ll go to an early dinner without complaining…” Granny bargained.

Another family was sitting in our seats at the Easter service. You know what that’s like in church… I imagine it’s the same at temple, mosque or whatever… that’s my real estate for the service. Doesn’t matter I haven’t attended in several months. My dad sat there and now my bottom belonged on that length … Continue reading “I’ll go to an early dinner without complaining…” Granny bargained.

Heading out to Family Madness

So our journey out to the greater Miami/Ft Lauderdale area itself was relatively uneventful. The months leading up to it, however, were unmitigated torture.  We started out with seven.  Me, Beloved, our two (Blondie, 27 and The Boy, 22), my mother, 81, and my sister’s two (my niece 26, and nephew 23). My sister couldn’t … Continue reading Heading out to Family Madness

Me, the Stingray & the Squid…

My beloved and I went on a Princess Cruise in January of this year.  We’re avid cruisers, she and I, although we sometimes disagree on activities and where to hang out.  This was our 25th anniversary cruise, long planned, through the Panama Canal, and our first excursion was a "Stingray Encounter, Snorkeling and Lunch on … Continue reading Me, the Stingray & the Squid…