Exchanging more than glances…

The stranger knocked on our cabin door and whispered, “I have money…can you help me?”

I opened it, grinned and said, “Do come in.”

Sounds like the beginning of a bad novel or that we’ve begun an illicit drug trade aboard the Royal Princess, but in fact I seem to have started a non-profit bureau d’change. 

Princess charges an obscene exchange rate AND $4.50. Me…I’ll take English currency at the published rate of the day, no fees.  

Add the fact that people were holding onto pounds sterling for our failed Belfast visit and the Azores uses euros, and bingo!  

Oh, yeah…and my honey has now won bingo three times and the casino pays cash, which helps with out with American liquidity.  Damn, that girl is good. 

I had overheard a woman grousing about having these leftover pounds when we were at the ATM in Vigo, so I offered to trade.  She told a friend…

The dollar is very strong at present so what the heck…yes, let me help you with your money.  Rotten ole Princess and their fees.  Yes, you ARE lovely for giving me the opportunity to buy your currency that would molder in your drawer at home. $1.31 to the £1. Oh, no, thank YOU!

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