Picture This…

Imagine having professional photographers take as many pictures of you as you want, provided you can handle any potentially impatient people waiting their turn for the same treatment.

On the first day of the cruise, Mummy bought the unlimited photo package, so every photo containing herself OR Blondie (her roommate and granddaughter) are hers to keep, as well as a digital copy on a stick drive.

Beloved and I did this package a couple of times… it’s fun to begin with, you run all over the ship taking as many as you possibly can but by the end of the cruise every time your honey digs you in the ribs you pose and grin like a maniacal seal.

The first night, one of the backdrops was white, with a white Grecian-style fainting couch.  Blondie was beautifully made up, wearing a fetching red dress.  Free photos?

Like an obese feline to a dish of caviar and cream, only with the advantage of speed, the girl was on that sofa, feet tucked under her, coyly smiling and ready for her close up.

352C8EEF-1512-4037-A0AF-FA26680E624AHonestly, she did look really good.

Mummy’s trying so hard to be considerate of everyone’s time… for the most part, we have to wait in line for pictures, and with nine of us, it’s like herding freaking cats.

Add to that we have dinner at 5:15(don’t ask) and there’s all kinds of things to do after dinner other than taking portraits, the younger generation wants to get outta their dinner clothes and back into their comfies (the one requirement of this cruise: y’all come to dinner every night, which means no jeans) and, yeah, it’s a bit of a strain doing the whole picture thing.

And you know what?  I.  Don’t.  Care.

Yup. I’m the meanie-pants who just don’t give a rat’s patootie.  You all can just line up and wait for your granny to have her pictures.

F53C640D-01E3-466C-961B-24F8675C3188  There has not been a single complaint.  This is what’s so great about having 20-somethings rather than teenagers.  AHHHHHH…. I love them all.

Here’s the other thing… they’re having some fun with these photos (sorry about the poor quality – she gets them on a thumb drive, but since we have no computers here, only iPads and iPhones, we can’t get the digital copies yet, so I took pictures of the prints).  You can see how they all got the giggles…


So she’s garnering quite the stack of pictures. Here’s hoping her suitcase will  be able to accommodate an extra 3 – 4 pounds due to all the photo prints she’ll have to carry home.

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