Critters and the Car…

I went out to plug in the electric car this morning, in the bright Yosemite sunshine, and something moved as I opened the cover.  Then it blinked.

“YAAAAAAAAAH” I shouted, especially since Blondie (daughter) and her boyfriend, Beloved, and my sister met up with a rattler on their hike yesterday.  Of course, a snake wouldn’t FIT in there, it’s very like the gas cover on your car.  A frog, on the other hand, can fit nicely.

It breathed in. I did not.

Small frog in charging port
Noooooot what I was expecting.

“Whaddo I do?” I asked Granny, the only other person awake and present. My batso sister goes for miles-long runs early in the morning.

I’m sure either one of us could’ve handled it if strictly necessary but bless him, the boyfriend is very intent upon keeping critters alive… he’s willing to take spiders and other assorted unpleasantries outside.  However, poor bugger, he’s not what you’d exactly call a morning person and this was 7am on holiday.

Tap… tap… tap…

Tap… tap… tap…

Blondie answered.  “Are you okay?”

“Um… I’m sorry to bother you, but I have a frog that needs a rescue.”

He sleepily yet good-naturedly appeared and was a little taken aback, I think, when I led him outside.  

“Um… that?” He asked, as I pointed to what resembled a blob on the car, which then took in a breath.  As a tall man, he had to bend over to see it, then he gently held out his hands to capture it.

Frog was having nothing of some freaking giant poking at his vulnerable bod, especially since it was a mottled brown, which I’m certain gave him wonderful camouflage in the forest, but sucks against an “ocean blue” (read Tiffany Box) color or the black box of the charger.

El froggo made a leap for it.  I squeaked and took off.  Normally I’m not such a coward, but that was a little much, I do NOT like things launching at me.

To add insult to injury, at some point a pterodactyl decided to perch on the plug and shat on the inside of the plug jack.  Dammit.  

EV charging port with frog and bird poop
That required aim on the part of the bird… or the frog had severe intestinal distress.

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