Driving with Electronic “Assistance”

We landed at Eppley Field in Omaha and Beloved found a restaurant on Yelp. 4.3 miles away, perfect! We pull out of the rental car lot and the signs show ALL five possible freeways are to the right.

“Waze says turn left” she tells me.

“Left? LEFT? All the freeways are to the right… And we have to cross the river into Iowa to get to this joint. I need a freeway to get there. That’s just WRONG.”

“It says left, honey.”

I look at the sign. I look at her. I look at the sign again. A Nebraskan hung that sign. Why would they do me a bad? I turn right.


“Honey, Waze has never been to Nebraska. It doesn’t know. Whoever posted the signs has driven on these freeways.”

(Stifled sigh from the passenger seat.) “Okay… Whatever. Go three miles and merge to the left.”

Pause as I drive.

“We’re not going the right way. That thing is wrong. Boy, it’s crap. We’re going north, we need to go east.”

She tries to hide the scowl. “No. It says to go this way.”

“It’s wrong.” I try to look her phone as I drive, but irritatingly, she turns it away from me. I sighed. “Seriously, honey, we’re going the wrong way.”

“Well, we woulda been going the RIGHT way if you’d turned left, wouldn’t we?”

“The signs said this way!”

“Mmmm, hmmm. Okay, now it says to get on the freeway and head towards downtown.”

“Downtown OMAHA? I don’t WANT to go to downtown Omaha! I wanna go to Buffoon Cliffs or whatever that city in Iowa is.”

“Council Bluffs? Yeah. We’ll get there eventually. After we drive through downtown.”

“I thought you said it was only four miles away!”

Eye roll. “It was. Until you turned RIGHT.”

Note… this was from 6/3/2016, so they may have changed the signs since then. I’m rescuing things I wrote on FB in years past. 🤪

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