We took our new kayaks out for the first time… no, not with the dog.

It was a little nerve wracking what with our somewhat lacking heights (me, 5’4” and she, 5’3”). We have to tote stepladders in the SUV and still it’s a hellava stretch. We’re discovering ways to get the 39lb sit-ins loaded, like putting it on upside down and flipping it in.

“Damn,” said Beloved. “That’s so much easier.”

The ease might’ve had something to do with her ascending her stepladder first as opposed to second; I’m getting physics lessons aplenty at present. She who climbs second bears the weight of da boat.

Our goal is a 15 minute load. Saturday was closer to 40. That is some hot sweaty work.

Realized we’d forgotten things at least twice before we left (PFDs, required – Personal Floatation Device), towels etc.

Good thing we’re only on the two hour tour, and not in a Gilligan’s kind of way – Castaic’s lower lagoon isn’t gonna set us on an island…

Facing south on the water
Castaic Lake in the new kayak

Dropped the dog at a fellow puppy raiser’s (THANK YOU again, and I’m sorry she immediately jumped on your couch) where she promptly lost her mind. She and her buddy acted like long lost siblings finally reunited. They’d never met before but to Miss M that was hardly a problem. She was off and running as soon as she got in the door.

Unloading was a breeze… gotta love gravity. The cost at Castaic is now $12/car plus $9 per un-engined boat. Not terribly cheap, but worth it.

Being out on the water was a two hour vacation, it was so wonderful. We both loved it and Beloved is now checking out the different places we can go.

View from my kayak of Beloved’s next to me.
On the water. We sat like this and just read and relaxed.

Me, I’m checking out small trailers we can attach to the SUV so I don’t have to lob a 40 pound object over my cranium.

Picked up the pup and she was still going full steam. We stopped in the front door and in typical living-in-the-moment lab style she was like “oh… did you leave?”

We get to the car, it’s a totally different story. She went from hyper to unconscious in 30 seconds.

She started out trying to explain how great her morning was…
Then she was visibly fighting to stay awake…
Aaaaaaand there she went…

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