Decorating Giant Silver Chickens

So my cousins, aunt and I were driving in Sussex in 2014 and of course the English have roundabouts freakin’ everywhere. Big ones, little ones, round and round you go.

In Dorking (I love that name – DORKing) there’s a roundabout with a statue of a 7′ fowl in full plumage. Robert, at the wheel, slides into the circle and I’m like… “What’s with the giant chicken?”

Three voices in perfect unison: “IT’S A COCKEREL!!”

Ooooo. Stupid me.

Then Helen, from the back seat, pipes up “Yes, the town of Dorking has a giant silver cock in the middle of their roundabout.”

Excuse me?

“And at Christmas, they decorate it, don’t they?” pipes up Robert with a bigass smirk on his face.

“With BALLS!” horks up Helen.

We survived the day, then on the way back I wanted to take a picture.

First off, the front seat of the car is not the best place to take a picture of something out the driver’s side window.

Especially when one’s cousin’s conk keeps getting in the way.


I got Robert to circle the roundabout a second time as I didn’t want a picture of the cock’s ars… uh… the back end of the chicken.

The first repeat he was quite willing.

The second time he commented on the police officers walking along the pavement and how he’d rather not get ticketed, please.

Brainstorm! Hand iPad to Helen.

I’m just sad this happened in February, not December.


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