My Very Best Day

Twenty eight years ago I visited an old friend who was learning to read tarot cards; I reluctantly agreed, being a bit superstitious, and said I was having lunch with an amazing woman I liked a lot. 

She said it was the best reading she’d ever seen, and this was sure to be good. I just shrugged. Or tried to. 

Twelve years ago today, at about 1pm, my mom knocked on my door. I answered, pins in mouth and garment in hand. 

“YOU CUT THE SLEEVES OFF YOUR WEDDING DRESS?!!  You have to be at the church in TWO HOURS!”

“Okay, you don’t understand how uncomfortable those sleeves are. Won’t take long to hem ‘em.”

I have not been allowed to forget this.

Our daughter, 16, wanted me in a princess gown. No. Way. (Insert your favorite expletive)  I found a lavender dress at Penney’s, left over from Easter, marked down to fifteen bucks. Score!  Blondie was horrified. Beloved gave me a high five. But, then again, there was the last minute alterations.

A few hours later, with short sleeves, my curmudgeonly, darling father walked me down the aisle of our Episcopal church to legally marry that lunch companion. Her brother walked with her first, she in her tux, because her dad passed in 2000.

Our kids, adopted four years before, joined us in the ceremony.  Beloved had taken The Boy with her to rent a tux for him as well. In 2008, she found it a challenge to find a tux shop that would even TAKE HER SERIOUSLY about a rental. Even in West Hollywood. In 2008.

We’d tried to keep it secret and limit it to very close family…but the secretary put it on the calendar. We had to order a second wedding cake because so many parishioners told us how delighted they were. How can you not include everyone when they express their joy?

So now we’re at 12 years legally married and January marks 28 years together. My mom’s question (please imagine the British accent): “how do you determine the date off yore original anniver … ooooooh. Nevah mind.”

Me, brightly: “Just as you imagine, Mummy! The day we decided we were a couple!”

My mother: “Mmmmmm. Quite, deah.”

Happy anniversary, beloved. It’s been crazy but damn, I’d do it all again

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