Love and Loss

For anyone who might remember, back in May I rescued (okay, I grabbed) a house bunny who was living a sad life on the streets after a neighbor of my daughter’s found him. I dubbed him Mr. BunBuns and promptly dumped him on Blondie’s (my daughter) boyfriend as he was the only person at home. The story is here, if you’re interested.

We came back to visit for the weekend and met up with the lion-headed rodent (breed confirmed by the vet, as well as his gender and his need for neutering, which won’t occur until next week due to lack of available appointments).

Mr. BunBuns is living the life of Riley.  Buns has his own bedroom where he roams free, the door blocked by a folded folding table (does that make sense?)  Poor old BunBuns, when he sees you coming, he bounces over to the door and attempts to scale the smooth white plastic blocking the doorway.  He can only hop so high, then he needs to be able to hook a paw on something so he can leverage and continue his flight over.

BunBuns in his bedroom. The folding table is moved out of the way.

Sadly, there’s nothing there. Mr. BunBuns bonks into the table top, feet flying, then forlornly slides back down. Then you can pick up the mildly dazed wabbit.

He’s stinking adorable.  He sits up and non-verbally inquires if you might have something he could eat.

BunBuns sitting up in back legs
“I wonder if you might have a little something for me?”
Blondie in chair, hand in bag, rabbit on floor trying to look in bag
Blondie and BunBuns. That’s a bag of chocolates and sweets I brought back from holiday.
He got a hold of the Wine Gums (wine flavored gummies). I knew that rabbit would fit in here.

I wrote the above earlier this month while visiting Blondie. Two days ago, tragedy struck.

Poor BunBuns had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia for his neutering and didn’t make it. They, and we, are quite upset by the news. She and her own beloved buried him in the garden Friday with his toys and lots of food.

Please cuddle your own pet(s) today. BunBuns had only a short few months in his new home but he was treasured and loved. In the end, I think that’s the best thing that could’ve happened to a homeless but adorable rabbit.

Meeting Granny. She sat on the floor so she didn’t frighten him, but he decided he’d rather meet eye to eye. He hopped up on the couch and waddled down for a head rub.

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