The cat stared, wide eyed and in shock.

Cat: what the f😳ck is THAT?!!

Me:  what does it look like?

Dog, pacing in her crate upstairs to the extent it will allow: I can’t see I can’t see

Cat:  you did NOT. 

Dog: What? WHAT

The 11 week old golden retriever shifted a little in my arms, unaccustomed to this new place. 

Our little visitor…

Cat: I shall pee on every electronic device you own. Your draperies are toast and I shall deposit unmentionable items, both of my own creation and those I catch, deep under your comforter.

Me:  she’s staying only one night. 

Cat: that does not make it okay.

Sighing, I opened the slider to take Little Miss out to Get Busy.  Her raiser mommy had stuff to do so we agreed to take her for the night. Explaining that to MaeMae the cat, however, would prove difficult.

Miss M has never seen a puppy this small, except when she was this little. At a year old, however, she’s now unaccustomed to babies, especially as they cannot join the general outings until they’re at least 16 weeks (they gotta get all their shots). However, puppy sitting is okay as she doesn’t leave our house and Miss M is fully vaxxed.

I had the little girl on a baby leash in the back garden, trying to get her to potty when Miss M appeared. Appeared, as in, shot outta the back door like her ass was on fire.

Then stopped on a dime.

Dog: What that

Golden Puppy: Hello…

Dog: Oh my god you got me a PUPPY

I’ve never seen a cat smack her paw against her forehead, but there’s a first time for everything.

Cat: she is not YOURS, ding dong. You know how you go visit other families and I catch a break from your presence?


Cat: You do not have a puppy. We have a visitor. Who is leaving. Soon. Very, very soon.


Golden puppy: Um… what’s going on?

Dog: Woohoo play date!! Let’s go

The dog sprinted across the grass at top speed with her arse overtaking her front legs, causing her to somersault into a wall. She stood, shook briefly then flung herself forward, ears flying.

It took them a little time to get used to each other, as Miss M had to adjust to the smaller size and immaturity of this pup, and the puppy needed to learn to trust Miss M wasn’t going to eat her. It started a little rough (I hate seeing tails between legs and applied to tummies) so we separated them at first, then had increasing time together.

Now, they’re fine together.

Well, okay, mostly fine… someone had a chance to learn about boundaries…

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