The cat smiled with evil intent and swatted the dog’s tail.

Dog, from the corner of her mouth: stop it MaeMae I’m working

The cat popped her tail another one.

“My goodness!” said the lady who had stopped to talk, “that cat seems very comfortable with that dog.”

Dog; she’s a pain in the butt

cat: not as bad as you!

me ignoring animals: she is… she’s comfortable because MaeMae is ours. She lives with the dog.

Cat: only for so long…

Dog: what you mean

Me still ignoring the animals: the cat’s kind of a pain in the rear.

dog: oh yes she is

Cat:I don’t have to be walked every day. I go by myself.

Me, rolling my eyes in the direction of the cat: they’re very interactive.

The woman: the dog is so well behaved. She’ll make a wonderful guide dog.

Cat, sniffing: she has to be a guide dog because she can’t find her way outta the house by herself…

Dog, performing remarkable self control but cutting the cat side eye: I know you are

Cat, bonking the dog again, this time on the head: One day they’ll let you off that leash…

Miss M’s jawline trembled as she maintained self control. I decided that was the time to rapidly excuse us and headed for home (next door). MaeMae bounded over the grass as we went around the lawn, heavily decorated for Halloween.

MaeMae hesitated as she neared the front door. The dog merely smiled.

I’ve never seen a cat circumnavigate the interior of a house four times without its feet touching the floor, but, as always with these two, there’s a first time for everything. Beloved claimed it was zoomies, but personally, I think it had something to do with the dog on her heels.

This morning we went for a walk a little bit later than usual as it’s Sunday. Miss M was ready and raring to go when I let her out of the crate at 8:30, and I did the usual: I strapped on the treat bag then I grabbed her Halti, her leash and her jacket.

For anyone who doesn’t know, her Halti is a strap that goes around her face and prevents her from jumping or pulling too hard but is not a muzzle. It does not prevent her from opening her mouth or breathing properly. She hates it with a passion unbounded.

In Halti, jacket and leash.

Of late she and I have gotten into arguments where I’ll put my hand through the Halti where her nose goes, with treats in my hand, and try to tempt her nose through it. That worked exactly once.

After that it was a cat and mouse game as to whether she would manage to get the treats without getting her nose in the Halti.

I think she’s put on 2 pounds. I am now wise to being goosed, nudged, faked out, snuck upon, sweet talked and psyched. She’s ingenious about figuring out how to avoid the strap.

So this morning I had the thing out and she’s watching me getting everything together. I sat on the sofa as usual and called her. She came carrying this, and I swear to you she is laughing.

“Sure… sure put the Halti on…”

I know the cat isn’t impressed with her smarts, but anyone’s who’s ever argued about her intellect should not do so now. Damn dog.

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