Who Let the Dogs Out?

The dog was dressed like Underdog. Cute but… um… why?

It was our first monthly meeting for the area’s guide dog puppy raisers, and we felt outta place. One, we hardly knew anyone and two, we weren’t wrangling an overly enthusiastic pup. Especially not one wearing a sarape and a sombrero.

Another dog romped past, this time dressed as a bee. Cute… um…

Oooooh! October!!

While we’re waiting for our puppy’s take home day, we’re getting involved with the meetings, which meant going to the Guide Dogs of America/Tender Loving Canines (GDA) facility and sitting in on a puppy training meeting. First up: the costume parade.

Yellow lab in Simba the lion costume with small Timon plushie on his back
Simba &. Timon
German shepard dog in a clown costume with a hat.
This girl’s a breeder, so she doesn’t have to meet the stringent requirements for behavior – but she’s a love.
Brown standard poodle dressed in a ringmaster costume
And the poodle is the circus ringmaster…
Black lab in a sarape and mini-sombrero
The pup back from the Mexican holiday…
Yellow lab in a hotdog costume with Dodgers logo
Who doesn’t love a Dodger Dog?
Yellow lab in superman costume
Super dog…
Yellow lab in bee costume
I’m a beeeeeeeee…
Yellow lab with a Ty Beanie Baby tag
This one’s a Beanie Baby…
Black lab in prisoner costume jumping
Jailbird puppy just wanted to have fun…
Yellow lab in a magician’s costume
This magician pup tried so hard to pull the rabbit out of a hat…
One little guy wasn’t willing to deal with the steps up to the stage. Someone said they were open steps, so they looked a little scary.

Next they had three stations for the puppies to go to. One involved “leading” their blindfolded trainer (with someone else leading the trainer as well, then walking the unblindfolded trainer along a path with obstacles. Most of the puppies dealt with these like a boss – even the bubble machine didn’t phase them. Everyone was cool with walking over the blanket, and I didn’t see any going through the little tunnel (heck, I wouldn’t have either).

The second station was the “hall of horrors”, where the pup walked through a hall (outside) with unfamiliar objects. The group leaders encouraged us (me, Beloved and Granny) to go and watch the puppies walking through… then bonus! We got to sit at the end of the hall and the trainers had their puppies meet us.

Puppy bliss.

The third was a series of practice stations – sit, settle (flatten down and be quiet) “close” (?? – then AWWW – the dog gets a treat for sitting right up against you and cuddling – I think I’ll be practicing that… a lot…)

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