The Dog and the Xmas Pud, 2018

So Abby the dog has been a pain in the butt lately, digging around for trash and whatever. It’s also now the season for making fruitcakes and Christmas puds, not that they’re trash, and as is tradition Mummy makes everyone give the batter a stir and make a wish.

Since this occurs on Sunday, and it’s dinnertime, and the fridge is stuffed, she puts the big ole bowl in a bedroom until later, it’s cool enough in there for the short amount of time.

Fecking dog has worked this out. Hid behind the bed as Mummy put the bowl in the room and shut the door.

I heard something bump and called the dog, who didn’t come. “ABBY! COME!!”

Abby asleep on the floor
Damn dog. I miss her so.


Oh, NO.

Open bedroom door. Dog staggers out.

My sister is now referring to 2018 as ”The Year of the Tiny Christmas Pudding”.

The dog barfed half her body weight on the carpet. It was quite the evening.

This showed up in my FB memory feed. From 12/18/2018.

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