The Dog’s in Danger

Blondie’s home and it’s not my neighbor’s wife she’s coveting. She rather fancies a pup and Miss M is, frankly, charming.

I’m gonna be checking the trunk before she and her boyfriend peel outta the driveway.

Blondie just read that over my shoulder and muttered “we wouldn’t keep her in the trunk…”.

Okay, I’ll be checking any errant blankets or wiggling boxes in the back seat.

Blondie standing holding the dog.
Blondie upon meeting the pup.

I showed her how Miss M, the guide dog in training, will follow the “close” command. You hold a treat in your paw while sitting (on a step is good) legs open and swirl the treat in a circular motion, saying “close!”

Suddenly you have a 35 lb yellow lab cuddling up to you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear with a sloppy puppy kiss.

Heck, I want to keep this wonderful dog, but gotta keep focused on the idea she’s going on to do great things for someone who needs and deserves her.

She wigged out this morning but fortunately a new toy helped bring some peace.

Dog at the top of the stairs guarding her toy
My toy, dammit. My toy.

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