“Oh my GOSH!” Shouted the visitor. “A Chihuahua!”

MaeMae: oh sh🤬t, WHERE?!

Visiting five month old puppy, Miss A: oh my gosh!! A TALKING Chihuahua!

Miss A

MaeMae, looking around: what? ME?! I’m a cat, you dingdong!

Miss A: Are you KIDDING me? A Chihuahua ca… MaeMae: don’t. You. Dare.

MaeMae, glaring at me: for Pete’s sake, can’t you find dogs that have seen a damn cat before?!

Miss A, staring like a child after their first taste of chocolate: what, chihuahua ca… MaeMae, furiously cutting her off: call me Chihuahua cat and DIE.

Miss A: okay but what do I call you instead

MaeMae, stalking furiously into the bushes: you say “thank you for having me, goodbye”

Miss A: that’s a long name


Miss A: um… hello


Miss A: um… thank you for… for… your name is too long I’ll just call you Chihuahuacat

A growl arose from the bushes.

Miss A: chihuahuacat you there


Miss A: I wanna meet you like for reals we need to sniff butts

Me: sweetie, if you sniff her butt you won’t be smelling anything else for a long, long time.

MaeMae: I will slice off the end of your snoot. You will wear a prosthetic and look vaguely ridiculous while suffering anosmia.

Miss A, puzzled: anosmia is that where I wear your nose cause your nose is kinda pink and really small I need a black nose

A deep sigh emitted from the bush.

MaeMae: why not seeing eye cats? They’d be far superior. Our intellect is unmatched.

Miss A: you kinda disagreeable for this work

My soda water came out my nose.

Miss A behind a fence with MaeMae looking down at her
Meeting MaeMae after dinner.

Miss A is just a lovely dog. She’s so good mannered, willing to cuddle and super gentle with teeth. In fact, her only drawback was a heretofore undiscovered behavioral issue.

She and I were hanging out at home. I came into the living room to find this…

Miss A relaxing on the sofa.
Juuuuust hangin’ out

Oooookay sweetheart, no. Guide dog puppies are NOT allowed on furniture because we don’t know if their new owner will want them to stay off or not.

Well, she didn’t totally understand that because we had four more instances of her quietly and casually hopping up.

Her raisers were confused as she’s never done that before, and she’s been super polite otherwise. Heck, when Beloved and I got confused yesterday she was terrific.

She gets three cups of food a day, one each at meals and one as treats. I fed her in the morning and set out the treaties in a pot.

Before we went to the park, Beloved helpfully put a cup of food in the treat bag we wear when we’re out and about.

Miss A wearing her jacket on a lawn
At the local park.

It wasn’t until the late afternoon we realized… and by that time little miss had consumed a LOT of treaties.

She’s a sweetie.

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