The cat’s warming up…

Every day the puppy comes out of her crate two inches longer and three pounds heavier, I swear.

She’s growing at the speed of sound. And in the mornings, she is so full of energy, it knocks you off your feet.

Thankfully, MaeMae the crotchety cat is actually starting to play with her. It’s a bizarre kind of love/hate relationship. The puppy is a bundle of love and the cat… well, she’s a mix of both.

It’s kinda fascinating to see the differences between the two.

There’s the obvious:

Dog: a treat! A treat for meeeeeee! Just for me, nom nom nom, HOORAY!

Cat: it’s a piece of damn kibble. Get me a side of freshly killed water buffalo, we’ll talk.

The more personal:

Dog: get busy? Get busy! Trying, trying, trying…

Cat: what the hell are you talking about? That’s none of your damn business.

The naughty:

Dog: whoopsie! Sorry, forgot… I’ll try not to chew on the… aw, look at that! (Chomp)

Cat: (all claws extended, looks directly at me and sinks them into the sofa) What, it bothers you when I do this? That’s a shame.

But now MaeMae has decided she will attempt to play with the dog. We let Miss M, the puppy, to run on the lawn in the back (although it’s a constant effort to keep her from eating the grass), but for some reason, she’s decided she’s not allowed to cross the low wall (on one side, less than six inches high) into the flower beds. She hits the brakes but MaeMae keeps sprinting.

As you can guess, MaeMae takes complete advantage of this. She creeps up on the dog using the bushes for cover, jumps at the dog and takes off.

The dog loves this. The cat also gets jealous about the amount of treats the dog receives… not that she’s willing to respond to treats of her own (getting her to come in at night is increasingly difficult, and for anyone who has an issue with her being outside, please refer to

Beloved handing dog a treat on our back lawn while the cat stands nearby.
Beloved handing out treats while the cat sulks.

She also makes like the Cheshire Cat, lurking on furniture, watching what’s happening from above.

The Cheshire Cat and Alice…

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