Are you KIDDING me? moaned the dog.

We hosted another guide dog puppy in training for the night; her raisers had kindly had Miss M last weekend. When they had plans for Friday evening, we were happy to have their pup, a beautiful, petite black lab.

They get along great, aside from Miss M’s… not jealousy exactly, more like wanting to be certain we love her best.

After much rambunctious playtime, they were both ready for a nap. That’s when the difficulty hit. Oh, boy.

Dog: that’s… that’s… oh, seriously?!

Guest dog: snores gently.

Miss M: um… excuse me?

(More snoring)

Miss M: mommy, she’s in my bed…

Me: Baby, she’s the guest. Suck it up.

Miss M: but it’s my BED. MaeMae isn’t in it because she’s hiding outside.

MaeMae, later that evening: This. Is. Not. Okay.

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