Something’s wrong with the puppy, said the dog.

Our little visitor, another guide dog puppy, is visiting with us while his raisers recover from illness.

Black lab puppy running up stairs
Our visitor, 17 weeks and a ball of energy.

Me, concerned: what do you mean?

Dog: he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do

Me: what d’you mean?

Dog: he stands when he piddles

Me: yeeeeeeeah…

Dog: and have you seen the growth on his underside? Thass just wrong

Me: What? He’s a boy, he’s fine.

Dog, insistent: He not fine He should see the vetty guy Cut off that growthy thing

Me: no… he’s a BOY.

Dog: so what

Cat: oh, my god. Okay. Let me explain. You have two X chromosomes because you’re female, right? Like me, the mommies, Blondie, those two visiting puppies from before… This puppy has XY chromosomes, which results in males.

Dog: He gots a growth

Cat: Oh, my god. He has a ding dong!

Dog: I wish you stop calling me that


Me: Okay, you know Cathy’s puppy? Your buddy from Puppy K? (Whisper) He’s a boy and his underside LOOKS THE SAME!

Dog, shocked: M___ has a… a…

Cat: Ding dong.


Cat, bursting into a rendition of the Carol of the Bells: Ring- a – ding – a – ding – ding – a – DING DONG!!

The two dogs in the back garden.

Cat aside, the two dogs are doing so well together. MaeMae was none too sure about this, but she does seem to understand they get crated at night, so she continues to sleep on our bed.

More specifically, on my bad knee. It’s like she’s punishing me. I kept kicking her off, but she’s like honey… once it’s present, it is omnipresent. She’s the feline version of glitter. Beloved sleeps with a fuzzy blanket on her side, I just have a duvet cover… no where near as comfy to a cat, so normally MaeMae’s forcing her to be the contortionist around a bed-hogging furball.

Not while there’s an extra dog in the house. It’s my bum knee or… it’s my bum knee. She’ll get shoved off, then she immediately goes into stealth mode and suddenly my knee is aching again. Flaming cat. Or as my dad used to say, cooking fat.

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